2009 grow list

Мой список выращиваемых сортов на данный момент :)
My grow list for this moment :)

Цветущие и плодоносящие сорта:
The flowering and fruiting varieties:
Black pearl
Cayenne 4 types
Gypsy sweet
Miniature chocolate bell
Miniature yellow bell
Orange bell
Patio red
Peach habanero
Peter Pepper Yellow
Polish orange
Pretty purple
Purple beauty
Red cap mushroom
Red hybrid
Red ornamental
Red unknown
Red Savina
Red thai
Tabasco (or something very similar)
Tepin from India
Tequila sunrise
Vietnamese candlelight
Wild round pequin
Yellow ornamental

Сорта, не вступившие в плодоношение:
The varieties not started fruiting:

Bulgarian carrot
Chile hidalgo
Chinese ornamental
Early Jalapeno
Fooled you hybrid jalapeno
Jamaican Scotch Bonnet
Miniature dark peppers
Numex Big Jim
Orange manzano
Pepper on a stick
Peter Pepper red
Red manzano
Rocoto red
Royal black
Unknown from rosemary
Vietnamese hot

Also some seedlings just appeared, but I won’t tell about them yet.
Также взошли кой-какие сеянцы, но пока я о них ничего не скажу.